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More about Glasses is information about prescription eyeglasses and how to buy eyeglasses online.

Year after year we see misinformation about how to buy your glasses online, and about the various types of prescription that eyeglass wearers need to be aware about so that they can beocme savvy buyers online or even in the traditional opticians store.

Affordable Eyeglasses for Seniors – Buying Glasses Online

Senior man wearing affordable eyeglasses for seniors
Black retro glasses Reading/Progressive Glasses

Finding affordable eyeglasses for seniors is very important. Nope, you don’t have to compromise on style and fashion just because your eyesight might be a bit weak. For those that are over the age of 65 prescription/reading glasses is almost a given.  AND not compromising on your style and following trends is still fun at any age!

Seniors by this age are probably on pension or some type of retirement income. And if they have only social security then there is surely a problem affording the necessary glasses – every year if the eyesight is getting worse. Social security and most insurance do not give the proper coverage for this age group. Since at this age most are wearing progressive (no-line) lenses or some prefer bifocal lenses the bill can really add up especially when there are other options to consider. Such as anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and UV blocking.

Affordable Eyeglasses For Seniors

One place to consider is buying your glasses online. And yes there are a few considerations;

  1. Fitting:  If you have been wearing glasses for a while you can simply use the measurements of your current and well fitting frames and buy one that is in the same range. Or else you can always go to an optician and get the glasses adjusted (actually most don’t need too)
  2. Your PD (this is your pupillary distance) you must get this from your eye care specialist or have a friend/family measure your PD for you

On AARP I’ve read comments about online stores not filling prescriptions well.

I for one will say that in the 7 years we are in business there have been a handful of times that the lab made a mistake on the prescription, it just doesn’t happen. But if it does – mistakes can happen, Eyewear Insight guarantees every pair. So no matter who makes the mistake (eye-care specialist, you — when entering or ours) we will get you the right glasses.

 affordable eyeglasses for seniors
Prescription sunglasses

Types of Glasses Offered

  1. Progressive or Bifocal glasses each starting at $45
  2. Reading glasses (these are custom reading glasses with prescription quality lenses) each starting at $27.00
  3. Prescription Progressive Sunglasses
  • a) Photochromic (gets dark in the sun and light indoors) starts at Frame + Lenses $93
  • b) Polarized (always dark sunglasses) start at Frame + Lenses $108
  • c) Mirror Lenses start at Frame + Lenses $70
  • d) Tints (gradient and solid not as strong UV protection but looks good) addition starts at Frame + Lenses $53
  • c) Blue light (computer) blocking addition Frame + Lenses starts at $62

Additionally, we offer on all glasses free anti-scratch coating, free anti-reflective coating and free UV blocking.

In Conclusion

No matter what, buying affordable eyeglasses for seniors online is not a bad option. Especially with a 100% guarantee you basically have nothing to lose but glasses to gain!!

So get your prescription and come and check out our collection. Your custom eyeglasses await you!




Eye Health News From Around The Web

Eye Care News -- ScienceDaily Learn about glaucoma symptoms and cataracts, as well as laser eye surgery and optic nerve regeneration. Read the latest medical research on diagnosis and new treatment options.


Aviators You Must Sport For 2018

Pilot Glasses“, “Cop Glasses”,  “Aviators” are some of the names that are attached to the tear-shaped one-of-a-kind shape that has been an icon in the eyewear industries since forever. And when you want to look hot, badass or just plain trendy these are the perfect frames.

With the sun (or snow for that matter) in your eyes, wearing one of the hippest styles of the last two seasons ( and still going strong on the designer runways for Spring 2018) is a must and easily done. These frames are now pretty much  a staple in the wardrobe of the elite fashionista.

Gucci Aviators with Tint
Gucci Aviators with Tint

Whether you wear them clear ala the 70’s – as clear (or prescription) glasses or with a bit more modern styling rather than retro – in light blue, yellow or rose or get them mirrored.

“Pilot Glasses” are definitely a must-have with any 70’s or 80’s type dressage, and what with these-cheap glasses (but great quality) available you can’t go wrong.

You can rock YOUR style the way YOU like it. Since all the frames at Eyewear Insight can be made into sunglasses, it’s easy to pick and customize your glasses!

Modern Styles

Some of the the modern styles are so much fun, mixed materials like this one with acetate and stainless steel, these not only give interest in the coloring and contrast but functionally take advantage of the best that each material has to offer. Like the light weightedness of acetate and the vivid coloring with the tenacity and resilience of metals. Others are studded with Rhinestones (think Louis Vutton yet way cheaper) added for flair and styling that is definetly not understated – but more like like “stepping out with something to say” are just some of the examples of what is avalible in these styles.

Double bar aviators
Double Bar Aviators
Gold Classic Aviators
Gold Classic Aviators
Red - Rhinestone aviators
Rhinestone Mirrored Aviators
Polarized Aviator Sunglasses
Polarized Aviator Sunglasses
Mirrored Sunglasses - Aviators
Mirrored Sunglasses – Aviators

In Conclusion

Take a chance if you haven’t already update your look with any or pick from these cheap glasses – prescription sunglasses and check out the many ways to have fun with your style.

To see a short list of Aviator frames Continue reading “Aviators You Must Sport For 2018”

How to Buy Eyeglasses Online.

Buying eyeglasses online is not as hard as it might seem. Furthermore, buying glasses online comes with an assurance that buying in traditional stores do not provide.

Most places will give a guarantee and will return your eyeglass frames if you have a problem with them, and most certainly if there is something wrong. If for any reason you get the prescription wrong or something has gone wrong Eyewear Insight will work with you to get the glasses you need.
While there are can be valid fears in buying your prescription eyeglasses online, well….such as will they fit or how will they look! The question of how much it will cost to find out ($37.50 for Single vision and less than $50 for progressive) makes it not such a big gamble. Even if you find that the glasses are too big…to small or just not right a backup pair for this price is doable. But if you absolutely decide they don’t work then the store know and they will work with you.

As far as the look of the frames use your sunglasses (if you don’t have another pair that you can use as a base model for fitting and style) as the barometer to know what would look good on you. If you want to be adventurous then this is the best time as you can tint and color your glasses in many ways to create fun and exciting looks…for affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

If this is the first time you are getting a prescription for eyeglasses, you may be well served to buy at least one pair from your brick and mortar eyeglass store. This will help you know what it feels like to wear glasses and you can see what it is like to have someone physically help you with your decision. But here you have to really pay attention so that you don’t buy what you don’t need or pay for a look of extras that can be costly.

Once you feel comfortable come on over and give it a try…you will be glad to save the money and enjoy several fun looks for less…way less.

Quick Note:

One of the questions people have is – can I buy glasses online with my insurance?

The answer is yes!  You can use the card from your insurance that are bank cards that display the VISA or Mastercard logo. OR you can send in your receipt and get a refund for your purchase from your insurance carrier.

Either way, take a look at your contract and you will find out the best way to go about it.

But with glasses less than $50 it might be less than the minimum of most insurances.

In Conclusion:

  • The best first step to buying your eyeglasses online is to check the style and size of the pair that fits you well.
  • You might actually benefit by going to a brick and mortar store if this is your first time just to get your “feet wet” so to speak
  • As far as using your insurance to buy glasses online with – you generally can though it’s prudent to find out what the out-of-pocket is.



Why You Must Have Your Kid’s Eye Examined

Summer vaca is long over, a new year has begun and on your ‘must-do’ list should be having a kids’ eyes exam by an eye care specialist. As a mother of twin boys, I have done some research for our kids.

Following are my findings peppered with my opinions!

kids eye test

So I want you to know that 80% of problem readers are deficient in 1 or more visual skills, did you know that? Seeing clearly is only one of 17 visual skills needed for reading and learning.

There is nothing worse than a young person starting a new year, new school and maybe landing themselves in new social conditions and not being able to see. It can be a big problem!

Kids at school
Kids at school

Having an eye exam should start early, between ages 3 to 5 and then continuing on yearly along with the well-baby check ups.

eye chart exam text

Remember the eye chart at your kids’ paediatrician is not that reliable AT all! You must get a thorough check up with a pediatric optician. I know this as my kids had yearly check ups and always did great at the eye chart…and it was fun. My own gut feeling, and seeing my boy always squinting made me want to look further.

At a visit to an Optometrist you can expect detection of myopia (nearsightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (a misalignment of the eyes or crossed eyes). After your visit, if you find that there are continued problems, then, you may need to find a “developmental optometrist” to see if your child is maybe suffering from “convergence insufficiency” (CI).

CI is all about how the eyes work together. And is characterized as a “common” childhood visual disorder that affects 5% of the US population. It is usually diagnosed during the school ages or adolescent years. You may not be aware of this, but, if your child exhibits reading problems or behavioural problems, according to specialists, this should be a go-to exam to check off.

kid with rx glasses
Rocking my Rx glasses

So yes, vision problems in kids can be problems with fine motor skills (reading, writing, cutting with scissors, colouring, typing, texting, etc), gross motor skills, behavioural problems, attention problems as well as performance problems during school or sports.

For the development of good hand-to-eye coordination, it is very important to ensure that your child is seeing clearly. Fine motor skills require translating abstract vision information and applying the corresponding fine motor skills. Body-to-eye coordination for gross motor skills requires translating visual information into the corresponding gross motor activity, such as in sports, running, jumping etc.

Supporting all that your child wants to do starts with good eye health. Hand to eye coordination develops through sports and other activities

As your child gets older and, especially with the growing use of electronic devices, kids vision can actually change rapidly. My kids didn’t get their first eye exam at school until 8th grade so that may not be something to count on even for basic vision testing.


Behavioral Optometry considers “visual information processing weaknesses.”

“Distractibility, weak reading skills and poor academic performance: these are signs of several learning disabilities, as well as ADHD. But they can also indicate something else — vision problems that will not be solved with Ritalin or most special education techniques.”

Some common complaints when vision problems are present:


  1. Get headaches
  2. Complaining that eyes feel tired or uncomfortable when reading (or doing other close work)
  3. Eye rubbing during close work or reading
  4. Double vision while reading
  5. Movement of words, jumping or floating
  6. Words blurring or going in and out of focus
  7. Losing one’s place while reading
  8. Squinting

Psychological Avoidance:

  1. Feeling sleepy when reading
  2. Finding concentration hard when reading
  3. Can’t remember what was read
  4. Not wanting to read and acting out or refusing to read altogether
  5. Resist reading and avoid it whenever possible?

Keep in mind that while you can probably notice some of these problems, others you will have to ask your child about.

So the bottom line?

Get an eye exam as often as possible (once a year is good) to stay on top of any problems that could be hampering your special little (and not so little) guy or girl’s ability to excel at what they love!


Some helpful links:

Find an eye doctor near you (there are several sites where you can enter your zip and get Optometrican near you)

McCrodon Vision Development ( Read about Vision, Reading and Attention)

Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses (keep in mind for a young child we recommend going to a traditional eye doctor for prescription eyeglasses. Once your child is older, can articulate any problems and is experienced with glasses it will be ok to buy glasses online)

Buying Eyeglasses online











Titanium – Rimless Titanium Eyeglasses

Surprising though it maybe Titanium is the 9th most abundant element on the planet!

Lightweight, comfortable, hypo-allergenic and durable when wearing, especially rimless titanium eyeglasses , frames made from titanium are 48% lighter in weight than frames made of conventional metal eyeframes like Monel.

Rimless Titanium Eyeglasses
Rimless Titanium Eyeglasses

Heavier frames can cause pressure on the side of the nose and the bridge, as well as on the tops and behind the ears. The lightness of titanium also makes them a perfect transition from wearing contact lenses. Especially, the rimless titanium eyeglasses give the appearance of “nothing there” and makes the frames very comfortable.

Titanium has been a major player in medical and dental device pars, sporting goods, cosmetics as well as eyeglass frames. It is estimated that 10% of the population is allergic to metal, therefore, titanium being a hypo-allergenic material makes it a great choice when used on our skin.

The allergic reactions to metals such as Nickel include a wide range from asthma, sinusitis, skin rashes or eczema to dermatitis. Although it is advised that you visit a doctor to get a clear picture, the experience of red and inflamed skin along the side of the nose or the ear could be as a result of such allergies.

Titan-crystal bar.JPG
Titanium, 22Ti


Titanium also resists breakage under normal use longer than any other frame material. Though not indestructible, these eyeglasses frames are resilient and hold up against corrosion as a result of prolonged exposure to oxygen.


5 Questions to ask Your Optometrist on Your First Visit

If you have noticed that your vision is changing, or that you are getting headaches during the day, squinting or getting eye strain. It’s time to visit the optometrist to see if you need prescription eyeglasses, and though you probably know that you can buy glasses for cheap online visiting an eye care professional is a very good idea. In fact, getting regular eye check can also alert you of any diabetes and other seemingly unrelated serious ailments: And some eye problems may not actually have any symptoms so it’s important to make vision care part of your health care program.

Questions to Ask Your Optometrist

Once you picked one of   5 Ways to Find the Right Optometrist

and you’ve made your pick then it’s time to go for your first visit.

First thing is to simply go to the eye care professionals place of business (in the case he is an optometrist than they most likely have a store, an ophthalmologist will most likely have the typical doctors office or clinic) And feel free to bring in notepaper and make notes..or even ask if you can record your exam.

  1. Once the doctor has asked you questions about your eye care history, any problems you might be having or your family health history. You can ask about what to expect from and during your visit?
  2. If there is vision loss, ask if your loss is degenerative (gets worst as you get older), if the loss is in the peripheral vision and /or what is the reason of this loss?
  3. Are there any new symptoms you should watch for? This can be related either to your vision or eye health.
  4. Find out if there are any side effects, follow-up treatments or other long term care involved with any test that you have to take.
  5. Find out how often you should come for an eye exam and get vision care; for your vision and eye health needs.
    Optometry exam glasses
    Vision Care Exam

    If you need glasses you can then make the decision to purchase at least for the first time (or periodically) from the Optometrist; until you feel comfortable to order buy your glasses online

The optometrist will probably let you know when you can come back for a dilation test (if you have driven yourself) with a friend to drive you back home. And if there are any flyers or other information sheets be sure to pick up a few so you can learn and get more information.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

When looking for bifocal reading glasses, you must consider a few details.

Reading glasses compensate for the loss of natural adjustment, what has been in the past thought of to be an adjustment problem that comes with age (typically after 40-45 years of age) is fast becoming an issue for young eyes too. Mainly due to extended periods of strain to the eyes due to computer usage.

Bifocal reading glasses
Looking at the side of the lenses you can see the lines of bifocal lenses

First, I want you to understand that there are reading glasses and there are bifocal glasses.

The bifocals, have a reading portion in them.

The term  “bi-focals” refers to “two focal lengths”. That is one that is for a further distance(20′ +) and the other for a closer (reading distance about 10″-12″ from the face).

Secondly, please note that you must be clear what you want these glasses for. If you are thinking about snuggling with a good book on the sofa… probably want readers. Especially, if your prescription calls for different magnification on each eye or your readers need astigmatism correction then you should buy custom-made readers from an eyewear vendor. On the other hand, if you just need basic magnification you can buy the $5 drug store glasses to give you a hand!

Bifocals are needed when you have distance correction and you can’t see at the reading distance either. Then the bifocals will enable you to see the food you are eating while also having a clear view of the person across the table.

The last thing you must keep in mind is that bifocals can create a little “jump” in your vision as you adjust to the “other” distance be it from distance to near or vice versa.

bifocal reading glasses
Towards the bottom half of the lenses, you can see the magnification for the reader’s portion of these lenses

It’s really of personal preference, but I find that most who need readers but haven’t worn glasses before seem to prefer the bifocals. I always recommend the bifocals with the clear top (the distance portion) and readers at the bottom for those who need to see up close periodically. These folks never seem to like the progressive glasses.

Well, I hope that usually call us if you need us.

As always if you need our help we are but a call away at 866 217-5878, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. PT daily or Text 213 769-8009 or email us



Rimmed Glasses

One of the most popular trends in glasses continue to be the rimmed glasses (or full rim glasses). It’s so great to see that people that don’t even wear glasses have jumped on the band wagon of eyeglass wearers…wearing “fashion glasses” to be part of the trend.

Rimmed glasses come in so many varieties and shapes it gives room for so much creativity with ones looks.

  • The thick black frames are very strong and give a strong message. Available in in many shapes but the most popular being the square “nerd glasses” type. These have been adorned by celebs as well as all our fashion mavens and still continue to appear on the runways.

These are classic styles that have been around for years they express a certainty and

Matt Bomer Thick Rimmed Glasses
Actor Matthew Bomer

confidence; that comes from knowing you are visible very visible and you have no problem with that. Frames like these are versatile and can express many different feelings/looks.Lucy/Haely Thick rimmed glasses

Great for an evening out in a simple black suit as we see Matt. Or great for the casual hip jeans days.


  • Cateye frames with thinner and lighter rims these are more demur yet alluring and very sexy. Often with some type of bling…mostly for ladies but heck not out of the question for men. This is also a classically inspired style from the 1950s and ’60s and continues to show up on the runways in all types of ways. Cateyes bring on a very catchey look that evokes reaction; and what’s great is that you can even find the softer cat eyes as well as the ones with really sharp lines.
Cateye glasses
Cateye glasses



  • Round glasses are another version these can come in the rimless glasses version or with lighter and much thinner rimmed frames: Ala John Lennon, Harry Potter. In this shape there also many updated and modern interpretation that are fun and easy to wear but one must be sure that the face is not already too round! Wearing round glasses with a round face is not at all flattering and a mistake to be avoided. Then there are the rounded yet more horn-rimmed shapes that are  the Great Gatsby inspired…more racy yet very retro.
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