Cat Prescription Eyeglasses

There is nothing more hip right now than the cat prescription eyeglasses, even the regular sunglasses.

Everywhere you look. On celebrities, on the runways or out and about on the streets these are really make another wave..another come back.

Cat eye glasses started becoming very popular in the 1950’s; not only did women wear them but men did to. Some say cat eye glasses were usually associated with the beehive hairstyle, others say it was the inspiration of Cat Woman on the Bat Man series starting in the 1940’s. Looking at the costume one could feel that this was the beginning of the  conception of Cat eyeglasses; add to that the classic name for women as “cats”  and as having cat fights…it’s all very possible.

Cat Woman Comic Cover- Cat Eye Glasses Origin
Cat Woman could be the start of the Cat Eye Glasses

No matter where they originated they have enjoyed a very long life in the center stage of fashion starting from the ’50 till about the ’70s. During that period they saw a remarkable transformation from extreme bejeweling to a clean simplicity that was ever so enduring.

As we come rushing to the present …I would say …for the last 4 years cat prescription eyeglasses have seen a gradual resurgence.

Fashion trends usually start on the streets and sometimes thrift store buys can build the mystic of any style.

There is a sexy allure to a woman wearing cat eyeglasses, be they prescription glasses or sunglasses…they create a mystery and sophistication that we do indeed maybe attribute to the cat family. Looking at the eyes of the lady in the picture from the ’50’s she certainly has a playfulness and sexiness that is clear.

Today these cat eyeglasses are seen with a thicker frame that make the wearer appear younger and fresh, yet showing style and sophistication that can move through the day into the night for an evening dancing under the stars. Here are a few styles that are easy and affordable. Customize them as you like and create your own look. These are the ‘sign of the times’!

Red-Black marled thin frame cat eyeglasses
Thinner frame cat eye glasses- great for a rounder a bigger face shape
Black cateye prescription sunglasses
Cat eye prescription sunglasses. Custom tint
Sexy Cat eye glasses, black with embellishment on the temples
Black cat eye glasses with a thinner and smaller shape. These are perfect for most all face shapes giving just the right accent.


Cat prescription eyeglasses with blue tint
Thick frames cat prescription eyeglasses with a blue custom tint! Great for rounder yet smaller face shape.


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