What men really think of what women wear | Happen Magazine

“This is the female equivalent of a trucker hat—fun to wear yet obnoxious. But, if you make a joke about how your delicate retinas need 100% UV protection on a daily basis, I’d be cool with them.”


“I immediately assume that a woman is not attractive if she covers up half of her face with these things.”


“These are absolutely OK—if you’re 87 and playing shuffleboard. Otherwise, they’re just covering up prime real estate. No one is gonna bid if they can’t see the property.”


“These sunglasses make woman look like insects! And never once have I looked at a grasshopper and thought, ‘Wow, sexy!’ Leave the bug eyes to the bugs, ladies.”


The jury says: Bargain bin. Don’t be fooled—a brief tilt of the sunglasses can make a woman seem undeniably sexy. Just make sure to pick frames that fit your face, rather than Andre the Giant’s.

via What men really think of what women wear | Happen Magazine.

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