Eyeglasses Fashion Trends From Copenhagen

Fashion Trends Eyeglasses for 2015 from Copenhagen

(One of the most Modern fashionista cities in the world)

Copenhagen Fashion week is here. Lots of interesting looks, a little bleak if you ask me. But interesting looks in eyeglasses, I see round glasses still in the horizon, redesigned a bit updated. The classic retro glasses, the “nerd glasses” (not really du jour, as some proclaim it’s over) black wayfarers still visible no change.

Oh and let’s not forget these.. how to wear these eyeglasses?…hmmmm  I wonder if I can get prescription lenses put in!


On a more serious note…

The vintage styles of Ray ban in the wayfarer made  popular by the old starts of the 70’s, and continuing in the age of 60’s and 70’s …the round glasses as well as the cateye glasses are seen out and about as well as on the runways.






The beautiful fashionistas are sporting….yes…still!

Wayfarers in black have become the new norm; they have  found their place in fashion as a vintage inspired style. Wayfarers must now be part of every style expression and will only get stronger as time goes by.

This “nerd glasses” style has shown a real staying power that continues to drive the eyewear market within the designer and moderate collection. It is a staple and as such you can reach in whenever you want to have that “I’m soooo smart” look.

As you can see on the runway the round glasses are on…mirrored and funky in this rock and roll inspired collection by Larsen. And on the streets the lovely ladies of Copenhagen bring us great style and ease with their designs.





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