Trendy Prescription Glasses

“Many visual disturbances can be alleviated by wearing the right eyewear, including lenses with an up-to-date prescription.”

Gold round eyeglasses tinted light purple

We all know that if you wear prescription eyeglasses, there is the sticker shock we are submitted to every couple of years or so? Some of us hate going to the eye doctor for this very reason. We settle and hardly ever get trendy prescription glasses…moving right away to contact (at least that’s what I did)

Did you know that you don’t have to buy the glasses from your local optician. Though they can help you greatly in figuring out the ins and out of eyeglasses on your very first visit…to veterans of eyeglass wearers, it is just as easy to go online and purchase your glasses online.

This is were we come in, having worn eyeglasses since childhood we understand what is involved and we understand that we all keep our eyeglasses for years in that special drawer because they have at one point been such an investment. Well this need not be the case any longer…we have found that by working directly with a computerized lab we are able to get prescription eyeglasses done efficiently and with minimal expense so that we can now offer these to you at a great price.

Eyewear Insight is an online prescription eyeglasses store that sells affordable (and I mean affordable) prescription glasses for women, men and kids. There is a big selection of weyfarere(difter) frame styles, rimless frames styles, round frame styles as well as the more classic styles including filigree frames; basically you will find what you want!

The single vision lenses plus frames are $30 and bifocal /progressive lenses with the frame are $45.00.

In addition, all the eyeglasses come with free anti-scratch coating, free UV coating and free anti-reflective coating. New and trendy glasses are added to the inventory often to give a fresh and interesting time with each and every visit.

This adds up to be thousands of dollars in savings for not only individuals but also for families where multiple eyeglasses are purchased.

With these prices eyeglasses no longer need to be a dreaded once every two year purchase, but a fun, whenever you feel like having a new look purchase. For $200-300 which is what a single vision pair of prescription eyeglasses cost in a traditional eyeglasses store (the cheaper ones) you can purchase at least up to 6 pairs that are customized with tints and other goodies at

Consider please that young people have a very strong need for vision correction and a vast majority don’t get the glasses, and studies find that most of the time its because of the finance and that it just doesn’t seem to be that important. But if the price of prescription eyeglasses where not so prohibitive we would all err on the side of caution and invite our youngsters to use the correction they need to make them a happier and healthier member of our community. Also take a look at our seniors, prescription eyeglasses are not covered by Medi-Care and most retirement plans and if they are they basically offer a discount or after a deductable of $50 is paid one can get their new glasses but only every other year. Without having to worry about this one can easily purchase the reading glasses (with correction) or the progressive glasses for a very affordable price.

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