Hottest Glasses (Styles of Glasses) for Fall 2016

If you are loooking for styles of glasses that are in style…you have come to the right place. Affordable, yet stylish glasses are what I like to talk about here.

One of the hottest styles for the last few seasons for women is the cateye glasses there are several ideas’s the softer cateyes to the more rad styles that are screaming “look at me”

Let’s start with my personal fav…

Cateye frames for women
Cateye Frames Blue-Crystal
Cateye Sunglasses Frames
Prescription Sunglasses in Cateye
prescription cat eye eyeglasses
Big Cateye Eyeglass Frames
Retro Classic Cateye Eyeglass FramesJC6625 C2-3
Retro Classic Cateye Eyeglass Frames

Then are the wayfarer eyeglass frames that can have many looks updated and modern to classic Rayban. Great look for both women and men these come in different types from the Geek Chic to the fashionista, there is room for all.

Tinted wayfarer prescription glasses
Tinting your prescription eyeglasses is a very chic way to add some style
Wayfarer prescription sunglasses
Wayfarer prescription sunglasses
Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses
Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses…you pick the color








Classic wayfarers
Classic wayfarers with a twist…wooden temples


Retro Round Eyeglass
Retro Round Eyeglass Frames


Next up are the round eyeglass frame shapes…especially updated now which is very much a trend lead by RayBan’s round wire frames.

Wire round rayban frames
Round Wire Frames
round wire frames
Round wire eyeglass frames
round glasses styles
Really cool retro round eyeglass frames
Round glasses
Our most cost effective pair…round Charlie Chaplins


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