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More about Glasses is information about prescription eyeglasses and how to buy eyeglasses online.

Year after year we see misinformation about how to buy your glasses online, and about the various types of prescription that eyeglass wearers need to be aware about so that they can beocme savvy buyers online or even in the traditional opticians store.

It’s Cool To Wear Eyeglasses!

Wearing eyeglasses no longer has the same stigma as it has in the past. Today’s fashion dictates some type of eyewear and as a very definite statement. Having several pair to wear with the changing looks is a definite must.

In the years past, wearing glasses was almost a shameful experience. Many endured some type of harassment and ridicule, as well as just a hidden worry that they didn’t measure up to the “look”…”you must be very smart..”

You know..!

Well, now we have “geek-chic!” looking like a geek wearing thick framed glasses is very hip! Even those who don’t wear glasses will don a pair of fashion glasses. We even see Celebrities following this trend….looking the part.

Cateye frames for women
Cateye Frames

Is there any truth to the myth that glasses will help you appear more intelligent, responsible, and like a woman or man who deserves to be taken seriously? That well-read, studios look…

For ladies its the ” glasses makes a woman look sexy” That old stereo type of the sexy secretary, librarian or teacher…hair up, wearing glasses. It’s in!

And men? “He looks, with it..on top of things…certainly he looks intelligent”

“I’m wearing them because I think they look cool.”

How things have changed, right?

browline eyeframes
Clubmaster Frames

Unlike other accessories, glasses can really change the look of your face so play around with different styles. You can change your style…the geeky one? the smart one? the slick one? the ravishingly dressed up one? The complete transformation that can come about when one wears a cat eye glasses, let’s say, versus an aviator glasses is quite cool…don’t you say?





Computer Glasses

Computer Vision Syndrom:

“Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer or other display device for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time.”

As we increase our time at computers as well as many other electronic items (mobiles, tablets) our eyes and the rest of our body can begin to suffer. Often efforts to improve this are ignored or not practiced.

While ergonomics is very important and can help avoid the various strains there are 4 main things to focus on:

  1. Computer distance to your eyes
  2. Computer glasses, either as ordered on your prescription
  3. Computer blue block and/or anti-reflective coatings
  4. Good lighting in your working/playing environment
  5. Blink and rest your eyes. Maybe even put some over the counter drops to ease dry eyes. (moving your body for a minute or two won’t hurt either)

There is however no doubt that as we grow older our eyes get weaker. Usually around age 40-45 we may need to wear reading glasses as the elasticity in our eyes change and we need assistance to see small script/items.

But one thing is for sure. Due to the unprecedented  use of electronics not only at work but also playing video games. Younger and younger people are needing reading glasses as the strain on their eyes increase.

These small steps could assist in keeping your eyes healthy.

small steps- taking care of your eyes




Are My Eyes/Vision Changing Because I’m Just Getting Older? – Eye M.D.

Source: Are My Eyes Changing Because I’m Just Getting Older? – Eye M.D.-approved information from EyeSmart

Ageing eyevision
As eyes age some anomalies may appear..

As we all know, or might suspect there are many changes in the body that come with age,  eyes changing are no different. In fact, I just came back from my trip to the optometrist’s office to get  eye prescriptions I was informed (as I am about to turn 50) that after the age of 40 the eye and it’s ability to focus mainly on closer targets gets weaker and weaker. My vision is changing!

I’ve also found out that my left eye vision strength has deteriorated, she had no idea why, as all my life wearing eyeglasses the correction was equal on both sides. Not now that I am old….older!

So I’m reading this and I know you could use a little heads up to. From random tiny clumps of cells floating around the eye and making you think you’ve seen a flash of light, to muted colors, to symptoms of macular degeneration or even signs of glaucoma like deteriorating peripheral vision. Keeping an eye out for various subtle changes in vision as well as getting regular eye exams will help the changes that might come with age. It will definitely give you a head start with great hints if there is any diabetes on the horizon.

I for one was fine on all counts this time…I hope to see the same in the future. While changing eyes/vision can be scary be sure to take good care of your eyes. Better safe than sorry…sight is so precious!

Keep an eye out for your nutritional needs as proper nutrition can also help keep you eye sight feeling younger!