How Do Progressive Lenses Work?

Progressive lenses work in a very simple way, it’s really actually progressive…therefore the lenses progressively change, that is, with as smooth transition as possible.

Let’s first take a look at what a prescription for progressive glasses would look like:


In either of these we can see where there is a number indicated for the “ADD” which stands for addition and refers to the reading power that is needed for these correction lenses.

On a progressive lenses the reading power is blended into the lenses. From the top to mid-way would be the distance correction, at mid way it would be the mid-distance or computer reading correction and at the bottom of the lenses the near reading (books, labels, etc)

The sketches below show give you a good idea.

How progressive lens work?
The upper portion of your lenses
give the distance correction (further
than 3 or so feet)
The middle portion of your lenses
give you correction for 20 inches to
about 3 or so feet
The bottom portion of your lenses
give you correction for close objects
as in a book, sewing machine etc.



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