Half Rim Eyeglasses: Comfort and Style for Both Men and Women

Fashion is dynamic and ever-changing, and regular changes demand new innovations and creative ideas. Enhanced features, as well as specifications, are often added to new or existing eyeglasses. Although new styles and designs of eyeglasses are always flooding the market, semi-rimmed eyewear are almost always a standard, a classic and have established a niche in the market, despite the changing fashion trends.

Half rim eyeglasses are enticing and attractive they expose the eyes due to the partial rim on the top of the lens. And we all know the eyes are the windows to the soul!

We’ve got to see your eyes!!

Half Rim Glasses
Half Rim Retro Tortoise Glasses

Being sophisticated and timeless, these glasses are a great fit for multiple face shapes, if you have long, oval or a round face half rims, especially in the more wayfarer or rectangluar shapes, are perfectly complementary.

Sometimes also called clubmaster frames – these glasses are more durable and sturdy than rimless glasses.

Half-rim glasses are perfectly suited for both men and women, and possibly the more careful teen!

Half-rim eyeglasses for women are perfect for all sorts of prescriptions such as single vision, bifocal, progressive, fashion, reading and especially for computer glasses – if you have to keep taking them off they are sturdy enough for the ‘one hand removal and swift push up to the head moves’!!

Half Rim Cateye Glasses for Women

In half rim eyeglasses, the rim extends downwards and encircles the sides only for a short distance, less than an inch. There are a lot of benefits of having half rim eyeglasses for men, these glasses tend to create a serious yet stylish look or a more classic look with the more retro styles.

Options for further customization like anti-reflective, UV and anti-scratching coating are always available, AND all glasses ship with a protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth.


In our store, you can make any pair sunglasses so pick out a lovely color of tint or have them mirror coated and protect your eyes.

half rim prescription sunglasses

So have some fun try out a half-rimmed frame and change your style.






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