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6 Zenish Principles of Buying Glasses Online?

Does it stress you out trying to buy glasses online? It’s hard to know where to start.

When trying to decide what type of glasses to wear the first place to start is with your tried and true!

What is the shape, and the size (measured in millimeters)? What is your favorite color? At these prices, I’m always ready for a couple of fun colors and one serious ‘silver/black frame!

But do your favorite glasses translate into a great pair of frames? These will be on your face, remember that – and close to your skin. So take into consideration the tone of your skin and what would best emphasize or complement your tone. Colors like black (of course), red, soft pink, dark purple, and teal look great on people across the board – in fact, red is one of the most popular colors for eyeglasses frames.

Different color and shaped glasses will also fulfill your many different moods every day and hopefully add a little fun to your attire.

So take time, relax and pick up some nice frames in great colors for you!

70’s & 80’s Aviator Original Style

Tom C Black AviatorsCraig B Black Aviators 70's StyleOrignial Style E Presely AviatorsAviator Prescription Eyeglasses
The slight subtle differences in Aviator frames.

So yeah, basically, though we all might think that RayBan was the originator of aviator glasses; they actually were developed by Baucsh& Lomb in the 1930’s. They were one of the first glasses made with either reflective lenses or as polarized sunglasses for pilots to use as protection from light and reflection while flying. Therefore the name aviators.

General Douglas MacArthur with signature Aviator glasses
One of the most well-known historical figures to wear them as his signature style was Douglas Macarthur (General)


As airplanes started flying higher and exposing the pilots to all types of weather dangers, pilots had to wear goggles (lined with protective fur) to protect their eyes from the elements. But these goggles were not dark enough nor did they help when the weather created fog situations which made it hard to see at all. In fact, there is a story that one of the pilots worked with Bausch and Lomb to create the exact design. The shape and the light frame along with the polarization or the mirror coating became a standard for pilots; As well as within the public for fisherman to golfers and other outdoors sports. “The model’s signature feature was its so-called ‘cigarette-holder’ middle circle, designed to free the hands of the shooter.”

Related image

During the 1940’s they were worn by the likes of General Macarthur and most in the military. Ray Ban started to refine the styling and create offshoots to enhance their marketing as sunglasses started to become a statement of fashion instead of just for safety.

One of the most well-known historical figures to wear them as his signature style was Douglas Macarthur (General)

The 70’s built on this trend of style versus function. Celebrities were seen all over town sporting aviators.

Peter Fonda in 70's Wearing Aviator Sunglasses
Peter Fonda in 70’s

Travis in ‘Taxi’ continued the trend of wearing polarized sunglasses for style as well as function with his gold aviators.  Similar pop culture visibility helped to continue to propel the momentum of increased popularity of these glasses. Soon quite a few several “design houses” took this as a generic style and added their flare to it.

Rober Di Nero with his signature "taxi driver glasses"
“Taxi driver glasses” Robert Di Niro

There was Michael Jackson’s appearance during the Grammy’s where he received 8 (wow, the most ever in one night) awards. Up to this point, aviators were largely seen on

 michael jackson 1984 grammys glasses

men but soon that too will change.

As the 80’s rolled in a version for the ladies was created, with rhinestones and in “feminine” colors! And female celebrities were seen wearing the cool glasses!

Soon the frames where to be seen on the runways, with bling, and in interesting versions.

Today this iconic frame continues to be reinvented by design houses. Are you looking to setup up your style or wanting to relive you younger years?

Either way, you can add your faviourite style of aviators to your eyeglasses arsenal.

Clear as prescription eyelgasses or fashion glasses….or tinted in fun whimsical colors…maybe you like them mirror or polarized so that you can keep your cool!

Anyway is the right way today!









The Hottest Glasses! Cat Eyeglasses?

What Are The Trends For Glasses This Summer ?
Let’s weigh in with what the stars have been wearing around town!

The hottest trends in eyewear — whether you’re looking for daily glasses or prescription summer shades.

Bold & Bright

~ Bright colors in classic or retro styles like cat eyeglasses or over sized glam glasses or the old wayfarer is the way to go. Seen on the streets was Gwen Stefani looking “HOT” in bright blue plastic round glasses and Miranada Kerr with bright yellow glasses

Bright yellow prescription eyeglasses

Tortoise, Retro & Curves
~ Black metal aviator sunglasses for men with a graduated purple lens tint.

~Inspired by the retro styles sported by Matt Damon and Jude Law in the “The Talented Mr Ripley” are the round sunglasses or wayfarer sunglasses shapes, as well as the tortoise wayfarer glasses

Tortoise wayfarer glasses

~With their square black frames and textured arm detail, these classic type frames offer a totally different choice to anything else available on the market

square black frames prescription eyeglasses


Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends – Round Glasses

Source: Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends – Fashionisers

While most of us tend to see the trends as a basic guide  there are some amoung us that are brave and daring with their sense of style. The designers of our time constantly show us what is on the far, far side of fashion.

The strongest trend by far are the  round glasses , updated or vintage inspired…but here’s more:

Trend : Fun & Out There

Designers like Moschino and Nicholas K give us funky out-of-this world looks that are colorful and at times very funny! Prada shows  great wooden frames taking the current trend of using wood as a medium to yet another extreme.

Trend: Aviator’s

Yes this does continue with updated looks and style lines or with the classic look…sunglasses are either tinted or mirrored. This sporty yet polished look has now become a timeless and classic style that when seen through the special touch of each design house.



Trend: Cat Eye

Here is another classic that is fast becoming an essential must have! Though these seem geared toward the fashionista with a bit of style and punch, cateyes frames are a great addition to anyone with a looks of curves. The lines offer a nice contrast to the rounding effect and can give great balance to your look. This look is quite sexy whether you pick the more retro version with large designed motifs, the delicate chic-modern rimless tinted styles. or the more softer cateyes that enhance and invite!


Trend: Half-Rim Frames

What makes these very cool ( because these are just a type of frame that is always available) is the NEW trend that has updated this look…the rimless portion of the frame is usually at the bottom or as in the browline styles we see the rim going straight across and the rest of the lenses are rimless. Here the rim is curved cheekily down the side of the lenses and teasing to go around but doesn’t. I think these create a very seductive look and give the eye a very lovely type of enhancement. YAY let’s have some fun with our glasses people! Other designers are a bit more modernist looking (Miu Miu) here they leave the top portion of the frames as rimless and put the rim around the bottom of the lenses.

Trend: Round Glasses

Retro round glasses ala John Lennon or even the huge ones as we have seen with Twiggy in the 60’s continue to push forward…here is another trend that has seemed have caught on quite strongly and is fast becoming yet another staple.

Versace, Gucci, Pucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten and so many more show round glasses as the staple detail of their collection. So get your round glasses one!

These round sunglasses are the “summer’s must have” according to


Trend: Square , Flat Top or Geometric Frames

Well here we go…these are the quintessential retro frames, these scream out the 70’s. I don’t really feel that square glasses have really had their fair share of the stage so it’s time now wouldn’t you say. From Miu Miu and Prada  to Georgio some designers do show a version of any of these there. They are fun and inspire such a sense of style and je ne sais quoi that they are a positive addition to your wardrobe. By next year I think this trend will catch on in a stronger way.

Geometric shapes prescription sunglasses
Sunglasses with geometric shape frames –





Spring 2015 Eyeglasses Trend Report

Well it’s that time of the year again, are you ready for the beauty, joy and happiness that 2015 is going to bring you?

Well you had better be, as it’s here in four days and we want to be sure you are on the mark with the coming trends for women. The trendy glasses that we have seen in the past have basically been retro and this coming year is not much different.

If the 70’s are new to you great enjoy the exploration of the yester years. For those of us that have been there I hope that

was one of the fun years for you so you can renew your hipness! The ’70’s continue to drive the looks for the coming year with just the slightest updates to the looks to match our current modern tastes.

The round glasses continue their mark as do the large sunglasses, mostly in geometric shapes (Square being the leading shape, but add aviator shapes too); then come the soft cat eye shapes (from the 60’s) rather than the sharp shapes we have been seeing.that give just the slightest tilt and contrast to your feature. The makeup gets softer too and a bit dreamier or saucy depending on which way you choose to go. Try some fun looks for a little spice in your everyday make-up routine

We see on the runways for Spring 2015 glasses with soft coloring, as well as animal prints with a lighter back ground color then what we would see in the fall. Tortoise coloring is great with the lighter shades.

Soft neutrals like the beige (eggshells), browns basically earth tones… and of course lets not for get the hottest colors for the coming year are shades of green (Aquamarine to olives) to shades of blue (Pantone says more blue others say more green) Bright prints ala Pucci keeping things hot, big prints colorful brushstrokes, abstracts, large flowers..all in the spirit of fun, openness and a carefree lifestyle. Anything romantic goes as with the makeup…laces, crochet all very bohemian in simple shapes that are nicely tailored. Understated elegance…hippie-chic….”ethnic” fashions are all in the realm of the 70’s retro look. Just let!

Add to this some trendy glasses,  which are a great way to add focus to your look and enhance your eyes by picking eyeglasses shapes that are flattering to you face shape and compliment your look by balancing your features.

Eyeglasses are now the “new nighttime accessory” according to; so update you evening looks with crisp fashion glasses in all the right shapes and colors (and of course they don’t have to be prescription eyeglasses they can be clear).

So enjoy and have fun.

Oh and Happy New Year!

Spring 2015 Trend Report – Gallery –


Summer Favourite Tortoiseshell Sunglasses…

This summer the coolest styles in sunglasses for men are the tortoise shell sunglasses. Whether  hanging at the beach or pool or off to an  event tortoise is the the way to go.

Inspired by JFK seen below stylin’ retro tortoise shades..with plenty of celebrities following suit, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp to name a few..

We also see that with the death of Robin Williams (RIP) all eyes have turned to the Deat Poet’s Society and tortoise shell sunnies are right in step with this renewing trend.

Odd how these things work, isn’t it…

But as tradition predicts, what’s the hippest fall wear for eyeglasses…tortoise shell!


21 Celebrities Prove Glasses Make Women Look Super Hot

Is it not great when you can look amazing however you present yourself. I’ve always said that true beauty (of course we have to have the eyes to see it) is consistent and doesn’t really need the adornment of this that and the other!

These 21 women listed here are the embodiment of beauty and further prove that women are alluring and beautiful when wearing prescription eyeglasses.

This has always been the case, I believe, even though there seems to be this calling out of women who wear eyeglasses. They are always given an allure and sexuality entirely because they wear eyeglasses.

Enjoy this great presentation with a slide that you can swing back and forth and see which is the best look for Anne Hathaway, Rashida Jones or Karlie Kloss to name a few..

This is good fun!


21 Celebrities Who Prove Glasses Make Women Look Super Hot.

Some Fun Looks (Art Photography)

GLOSS SLOVENIAPhotographer: Jenny Brough Stylist: Desiree LedererModel: Marina Streb @ PremierMake Up: Jaimee Thomas @ Frank using M.A.C ProHair Stylist: Paul Donovan using KEVIN MURPHYNail Artist: Karen Louise using OPI and MAX FACTORPost Production: Natalie BuskilaPhotographers Assistant: Rubee Samuel
Photographer: Jenny Brough
Stylist: Desiree Lederer
Model: Marina Streb @ Premier
Make Up: Jaimee Thomas @ Frank using M.A.C Pro
Hair Stylist: Paul Donovan using KEVIN MURPHY
Nail Artist: Karen Louise using OPI and MAX FACTOR
Post Production: Natalie Buskila
Photographers Assistant: Rubee Samuel
Funky Round glasses
Photographer: Jenny Brough
Stylist: Desiree Lederer
Model: Marina Streb @ Premier
Make Up: Jaimee Thomas @ Frank using M.A.C Pro
Hair Stylist: Paul Donovan using KEVIN MURPHY
Nail Artist: Karen Louise using OPI and MAX FACTOR
Post Production: Natalie Buskila
Photographers Assistant: Rubee Samuel
Way out there cat eyeglasses
Photographer: Jenny Brough
Stylist: Simon Rasmussen @ Factory Downtown
Make Up: Steve Canavan @ Jed Root, Inc.
Hair: Kuni @ See Management
Prop Stylist: Donnie Myers @ De Facto
Production: James Jolly @ Prime Pictures
Creative Director: Joanne Genzone
Style Editor: Drew Taylor
Manicurist: Clive Rousseau
Model: Indre Piskarskaite @ Q Models
Photographer 1st Assistant: Elliot Ross
Photographer 2nd Assistant: Aaron Hargreaves
Digital Tech: Allan Schoening
Stylist Assistant: Kevin Hunter



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