Let’s Talk About Eyewear

We love to talk  about eyewear here are a few articles that are published elsewhere.
You might learn something, or just be amused…

Purple tinted glasses
Purple tinted glasses

Eyewear is a very personal accessory that can be a great outlet for expressing your style. We have for too long been paying so much for them we have not had the opportunity to express our individuality with the type of eyewear we wear at a given time.

This is now about to change or actually I might say for some it is changing already. Some have indeed crossed the bridge and realize that now they can try many different looks and see what new and adventurous looks they can try.

Cat prescription eyeglasses with blue tint
Thick frames cat prescription eyeglasses with a blue custom tint!

I have a friend, and anytime he goes to purchase eyewear from our site he buys new and untested styles each and every time! I find this fascinating because I know few that will have such confidence to do that(myself included) Most buy the same styles or slight variations if they are a bit brave! The first time he bought one”Ray Ban”- esq style and another different shape. (these got stolen from his car, in fact, he told me the thief left the expensive name brand and stole the cheap “Ray Ban”esq style!!)

The second time he bought a round pair, and a roundish weyfarere and yep he looks good in them…!! Everyone always wants to know where he got his glasses and are complimenting him on them.

Custom tinted glasses, fun red!
Custom tinted glasses, fun with red!

So let’s try and loosen up a bit and take a chance…it’s fun playing with your style! And when they are this affordable it’s not going to break the bank just our habit of treating prescription eyeglasses like a big expense to be indulged in – or forced into once every couple of years!!


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