How To Choose Eyeglasses?

Selecting eyeglasses is a daunting task. I know, it can be overwhelming and I for one can’t see what I look like when I am trying on one of those glasses at the opticians, so here are some pointers. I hope they help!
But please remember buying goods online is not only more cost effective but  convenient…AND easy return.

  • First thing is to really take a look at what kind of shape you face is. This really makes a difference as to what kind of shape will fit well. I have a roundish face and I find that rounded shapes make my face more round..not nice! Check out my “Tips on Picking Glasses by Your Face Shape” I also have another article here you can check out..
  • Next if you have sunglasses (if this is your first time) or prescription glasses that you just love…then take that and do some measuring. Check out my measuring guide for that.
  • Next think about the colors that would look good on your face. Something neutral is always good, gold or silver is a great option (here you can actually buy both without breaking the bank) for a more conservative look. There are all sorts of patterns available in plastic that can add a fun and funky look to your style. To pick based on your skin tone and coloring you can check out my article.
  • So then after this comes the technical stuff…measure your PD, or look on your prescription. Though chances are you will either have to measure it yourself following our guide, or ask/pay for your eye care specialist do it for you.
  • Keep in mind that when you are picking your eyeglasses think of the way you make you hair as well as changed in your weight that can effect the way your eyeglasses look at any given time.


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