How To Choose Eyeglasses? 5 Easy Steps

How do you choose your eyeglasses, especially online? This may seem like a daunting task.

I know, it can be overwhelming and I for one can’t see what I look like when I am trying on one of those glasses at the opticians, so here are some pointers, especially if you are ordering online.

I hope they help!

woman wearing wayfarer glasses
Wayfarer ??       ……. or

woman wearing round sunglasses
….round ???

Buying glasses online is not only more cost effective but convenient and if there is a problem you can  easily return them and sort out the problem without a hassle.

But the indisputable advantage of buying eyeglasses from a brick and mortar store is, of course, you can try them on in person. There are, however, some caveats.

Namely, sales people that seem to pressure you to purchase or look at this and that and generally try to get you to make a decision. They could be very helpful but on the other hand can also push you into some style/price range that you don’t really want. (this was my problem) I want to take my time!

On the other hand it’s nice to have someone help you of course – but you can’t really see clearly as those frames have clear lenses and your eyes don’t see well – so you are stuck squinting at the mirror or taking a selfie to see how you look.

Online you can use a virtual try on. It’s not quite the same thing but you can definitely get the idea in terms of the shape of the frames and how they fit the shape of your face. 

In terms of actual fit you have to follow the measurements. As you can see with the virtual tryon you can shrink or enlarge the frames thereby not really keeping the actual proportion.

So to start:

  • First thing is to really take a look and figure out the shape your face. This really makes a difference, so that you can then see what type of frame shape will fit you well or rather compliment your face. I have a roundish face and I find that round frame shapes make my face more round(read plumish)…not nice!

Check out my “Tips on Picking Glasses by Your Face Shape” I also have another article The Best Eyeglasses for Your Face you can check out..

  • Next if you have sunglasses (if this is your first time buying prescription glasses) or prescription glasses that you just love…then take that and do some measuring. Check out my measuring guide if you need help. But basically, if the frames are not that old you may find the bare-bones measurements on the inner arms something like 58-17-140. This denotes the width of the lenses, the width of the bridge and the temple length. I also like to look at the overall width of the frames – so a quick measure across the front of your favorite frames from end-to-end will give you a good starting point. With these measurements you now know what size frames fit you well when you choose your eyeglasses
  • Next think about the colors that would look good on your face. Something neutral is always good, gold or silver is a great option (here you can actually buy both without breaking the bank) for a more conservative look. There are all sorts of patterns available in plastic that can add a fun and funky look to your style. To pick based on your skin tone and coloring you can check out my article.
  • After this comes the technical stuff…measure your PD (pupillary distance), or look on your prescription in case it has been provided by your eye care professional. Though chances are you will either have to measure it yourself following our guide, or ask/pay for your eye care specialist give it to you.
  • Keep in mind that when you choose your eyeglasses think of the way you make you hair as well as changes in your weight that can effect the way your eyeglasses look at any given time.
    Shorter hair tends to amplify the glasses – if you don’t want this then pick something clear or rimless. These will give you the barely there look.


Choose your eyeglasses to compliment your look like our influencer with blond hair wearing clear glasses
With short blond hair @lunnaby wearing J Depp
Choose your eyeglasses to compliment your look like our influencer Aida with long green hair wearing J Lennon round glasses
With Long hair
@lunnaby wearing J Lennon

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