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Senior man wearing affordable eyeglasses for seniors
Black retro glasses Reading/Progressive Glasses

Finding affordable eyeglasses for seniors is very important. Nope, you don’t have to compromise on style and fashion just because your eyesight might be a bit weak. For those that are over the age of 65 prescription/reading glasses is almost a given.  AND not compromising on your style and following trends is still fun at any age!

Seniors by this age are probably on pension or some type of retirement income. And if they have only social security then there is surely a problem affording the necessary glasses – every year if the eyesight is getting worse. Social security and most insurance do not give the proper coverage for this age group. Since at this age most are wearing progressive (no-line) lenses or some prefer bifocal lenses the bill can really add up especially when there are other options to consider. Such as anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and UV blocking.

Affordable Eyeglasses For Seniors

One place to consider is buying your glasses online. And yes there are a few considerations;

  1. Fitting:  If you have been wearing glasses for a while you can simply use the measurements of your current and well fitting frames and buy one that is in the same range. Or else you can always go to an optician and get the glasses adjusted (actually most don’t need too)
  2. Your PD (this is your pupillary distance) you must get this from your eye care specialist or have a friend/family measure your PD for you

On AARP I’ve read comments about online stores not filling prescriptions well.

I for one will say that in the 7 years we are in business there have been a handful of times that the lab made a mistake on the prescription, it just doesn’t happen. But if it does – mistakes can happen, Eyewear Insight guarantees every pair. So no matter who makes the mistake (eye-care specialist, you — when entering or ours) we will get you the right glasses.

 affordable eyeglasses for seniors
Prescription sunglasses

Types of Glasses Offered

  1. Progressive or Bifocal glasses each starting at $45
  2. Reading glasses (these are custom reading glasses with prescription quality lenses) each starting at $27.00
  3. Prescription Progressive Sunglasses
  • a) Photochromic (gets dark in the sun and light indoors) starts at Frame + Lenses $93
  • b) Polarized (always dark sunglasses) start at Frame + Lenses $108
  • c) Mirror Lenses start at Frame + Lenses $70
  • d) Tints (gradient and solid not as strong UV protection but looks good) addition starts at Frame + Lenses $53
  • c) Blue light (computer) blocking addition Frame + Lenses starts at $62

Additionally, we offer on all glasses free anti-scratch coating, free anti-reflective coating and free UV blocking.

In Conclusion

No matter what, buying affordable eyeglasses for seniors online is not a bad option. Especially with a 100% guarantee you basically have nothing to lose but glasses to gain!!

So get your prescription and come and check out our collection. Your custom eyeglasses await you!




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