How to Buy Eyeglasses Online.

Buying eyeglasses online is not as hard as it might seem. Furthermore, buying glasses online comes with an assurance that buying in traditional stores do not provide.

Most places will give a guarantee and will return your eyeglass frames if you have a problem with them, and most certainly if there is something wrong. If for any reason you get the prescription wrong or something has gone wrong Eyewear Insight will work with you to get the glasses you need.
While there are can be valid fears in buying your prescription eyeglasses online, well….such as will they fit or how will they look! The question of how much it will cost to find out ($37.50 for Single vision and less than $50 for progressive) makes it not such a big gamble. Even if you find that the glasses are too big…to small or just not right a backup pair for this price is doable. But if you absolutely decide they don’t work then the store know and they will work with you.

As far as the look of the frames use your sunglasses (if you don’t have another pair that you can use as a base model for fitting and style) as the barometer to know what would look good on you. If you want to be adventurous then this is the best time as you can tint and color your glasses in many ways to create fun and exciting looks…for affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

If this is the first time you are getting a prescription for eyeglasses, you may be well served to buy at least one pair from your brick and mortar eyeglass store. This will help you know what it feels like to wear glasses and you can see what it is like to have someone physically help you with your decision. But here you have to really pay attention so that you don’t buy what you don’t need or pay for a look of extras that can be costly.

Once you feel comfortable come on over and give it a try…you will be glad to save the money and enjoy several fun looks for less…way less.

Quick Note:

One of the questions people have is – can I buy glasses online with my insurance?

The answer is yes!  You can use the card from your insurance that are bank cards that display the VISA or Mastercard logo. OR you can send in your receipt and get a refund for your purchase from your insurance carrier.

Either way, take a look at your contract and you will find out the best way to go about it.

But with glasses less than $50 it might be less than the minimum of most insurances.

In Conclusion:

  • The best first step to buying your eyeglasses online is to check the style and size of the pair that fits you well.
  • You might actually benefit by going to a brick and mortar store if this is your first time just to get your “feet wet” so to speak
  • As far as using your insurance to buy glasses online with – you generally can though it’s prudent to find out what the out-of-pocket is.



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