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Rimless eyeglasses

My name is Evie Seifu and I write the blog here for which I own with my partner.

I hope to offer you information about eyewear, whether it be the news, trends or fashion or just chit chat. But the main issue for me is our online eyeglasses store which offers one of the best prices for prescription eyeglasses you can find online…matched with a 100% guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

We started this eyewear store a few years back because we wanted to build a business that is more meaningful. Some product that would be helpful and at the same time be a way to earn a living. We trust that our customers will see this and that we go out of our way to make them satisfied customers.

As you may well know (if you wear glasses you do) that the price of eyeglasses is out of this world and can be a very uncomfortable purchase (see me in this picture wearing my, rose wood temple rimless glasses, that cost me almost $2,000. I broke them twice and each time the lenses cost me $500 for polarized and of course with all the coating we added on)

You can read more testimonials on our main site

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As for me, yes as you see and hear I wear glasses. All my life and I’ve enjoyed writing since my younger days, so I figured I’ll keep this blog rolling.

Although I am originally from Ethiopia, I have lived in the US as a citizen for 31 years. Currently, I live in Los Angeles with my husband and 10 year old twin boys (spunk, energy and bewildering beauty!) While I spend most of my time online reading, writing, doing art etc…I love meditation and have found that daily time for meditation is the most important thing. It keeps me focused, heart centered, happy and calm….the perfect ingredients for a healthy and happy woman!

If you want to hear any of my little insights and ‘words of wisdom’ follow me on Instagram @eyewearjunky

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