How to Pick Your Glasses, when you are over hmmmm a bit older?

When a lady wears her glasses and changes them to suit her flair, her mood of the moment. She is in control. Glasses can very easily and quickly show a style that is undeniable.

We suggest having several pair of glasses in different styles to show off exactly who you are.

Annett Benning looks beautiful and sophisticated when wearing rimless eyeglasses (try a golden rimless glasses for an updated yet classy look) These rimless glasses are excellent for daily wear when you don’t what “the glasses” to show up before you do, the same goes for thin framed glasses.

After wearing a black pair of eyeglasses that define Ms Benning’s face one sees a younger trendier woman. And this is by far the benefit of the thick black glasses, almost as useful as the little black dress it looks good on pretty much everybody.

The first things to consider when picking your glasses are:


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