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Rimmed Glasses

One of the most popular trends in glasses continue to be the rimmed glasses (or full rim glasses). It’s so great to see that people that don’t even wear glasses have jumped on the band wagon of eyeglass wearers…wearing “fashion glasses” to be part of the trend.

Rimmed glasses come in so many varieties and shapes it gives room for so much creativity with ones looks.

  • The thick black frames are very strong and give a strong message. Available in in many shapes but the most popular being the square “nerd glasses” type. These have been adorned by celebs as well as all our fashion mavens and still continue to appear on the runways.

These are classic styles that have been around for years they express a certainty and

Matt Bomer Thick Rimmed Glasses
Actor Matthew Bomer

confidence; that comes from knowing you are visible very visible and you have no problem with that. Frames like these are versatile and can express many different feelings/looks.Lucy/Haely Thick rimmed glasses

Great for an evening out in a simple black suit as we see Matt. Or great for the casual hip jeans days.


  • Cateye frames with thinner and lighter rims these are more demur yet alluring and very sexy. Often with some type of bling…mostly for ladies but heck not out of the question for men. This is also a classically inspired style from the 1950s and ’60s and continues to show up on the runways in all types of ways. Cateyes bring on a very catchey look that evokes reaction; and what’s great is that you can even find the softer cat eyes as well as the ones with really sharp lines.
Cateye glasses
Cateye glasses



  • Round glasses are another version these can come in the rimless glasses version or with lighter and much thinner rimmed frames: Ala John Lennon, Harry Potter. In this shape there also many updated and modern interpretation that are fun and easy to wear but one must be sure that the face is not already too round! Wearing round glasses with a round face is not at all flattering and a mistake to be avoided. Then there are the rounded yet more horn-rimmed shapes that are  the Great Gatsby inspired…more racy yet very retro.

Luxottica-Eyemed (eyeglasses monopoly?) | Student Doctor Network

eyeglasses monopoly
Luxottica has had kept a tight grip on the eyewear industry for years. And they do that by owning not only multiple prescription eyeglasses outlets but by owning the insurance companies as well.

Here is a writing that I came across online…this sums things up..

(I’ve changed the linked online company to eyewearinsight.com)

“I went into a LensCrafters on Saturday because it was the closest “In-Network” optical provider for EyeMed. A UCSD psychology student ran me through the ancillary optical tests such as peripheral vision, eye pressure, etc. I thinks she was fairly new to operating these instruments, but she had no guidance from a mentor or such. She had a hard time adjusting the instruments properly and was frequently jerking my head around and knocking it against the instruments. She gave six attempts at measuring eye pressure, but ultimately “gave up”. Then, she tried to sell me on an “advanced” eye scan that was an extra $39 and provided the same information as a pupil dilation. Then, the psychology student handed me off to the optometrist. He did the usual routine, albeit late, in a manner that was rushed and forcibly friendly, and with a breath reeking of cigarette smoke. He tried to sell me on the advanced eye scan again and I suckered up. I told him I would buy it if he provided me with a copy of the scan on a thumb drive. Apparently, with the regular pupil dilation, pictures are not normally possible, or so I was told. I get a prescription for -0.25, -0.25 in each eye. Nothing much. Now I get to see what this EyeMed “insurance” gets me in terms of lenses, frames, coatings, etc. After the doctor was finished, he physically handed me off to a Lenscrafter sales rep. (Even though I think they are supposed to be separate business entities in CA and that this relationship runs afoul of the intent of the law).

wayfarer tortoise and gold retro frames
Affordable Trendy Glasses $28.00 Frames +$9.50 lenses

Sales-rep directs me to the “cheapest”, full price frames, which start at $100. Minimum price for cheapest lenses was $140. Anti reflective coating = $80 . That’s $320 for a pair of glasses. I ask sales rep what’s in the anti-reflective coating to make it so expensive. She says, “No one has ever asked me that before”. Anyway, “Insurance” gives me $50 off of lenses, $40 off frames, $45 off coating. In such a situation insurance pays $135 and I pay $185 for a pair of glasses. Cool! Luckily, LensCrafters was having a 30% off sale on frame + lens combos. So I am thinking that would be $320 – $72 (30% discount) – $135 (insurance) = $113 . I have never bought glasses before, this seemed expensive, but perhaps reasonable. Then, I tell the sales rep that I have insurance and she says, “oh, you can’t combine store discounts with insurance”. Think about this. It makes no sense. It made no sense to me whatsoever and I pressed the young, over-dressed sales rep for details. She seemed to recite what a boss might have told her and said the store would make no money if they allowed customers to combine store discounts with insurance. I persisted, saying, “but with the insurance you still get the same amount because insurance + what I pay still equals retail minus 30%.” She repeated her same point, emphasizing that they could, “not allow customers to do that”. Sure enough, I later found it written in the fine print of their 30% advertisement. It still made absolutely no sense to me. The store would be getting the same amount of money either way. RIGHT?

When I get home, I see what the Internet has to offer in terms of glasses. “www.eyewearinsight.com” provides me with a similar looking pair of glasses for ~$37.50, including shipping from China via California. Apparently, JC Penny, and apparently other retail optical stores send their frames to “China” for lenses anyway, so perhaps it’s better to, say, “order directly from the source” by ordering online. There are also a bunch of other low cost online alternatives. I log in to EyeMed online and see if there are any “Out-Of-Network” benefits for frames and lenses which could conceivably cover the marginal cost of glasses ordered on-line. There are none. That seemed pretty curious to me. EyeMed would rather pay $135 for me to buy a pair of retail glasses from LensCrafters than to reimburse me for a $20 set of glasses from Hong Kong. That seems like a horrible way of doing business for EyeMed. Doesn’t it?

Well, it seems like a pretty stupid business strategy until you dig around and examine EyeMed’s placement in the corporate hierarchy of its parent company, Luxottica. Not only does Luxottica own EyeMed, but it also LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Sunglass Hut, Target Optical, BJs Optical, and JC Penny’s Optical. Coincidently, these are the only “In-Network” providers in the EyeMed network. So, in essence, Luxottica has no interest in combining insurance with in-store discounts because it ultimately comes out of the parent company’s bottom line. Moreover, why would EyeMed provide reimbursement for online optical retailers when doing so would hurt the market share held by Luxottica’s optical retail stores? In essence, EyeMed is merely an instrument to protect the market share of the Luxottica family of companies, and it provides little to no substantiative cost amelioration to consumers — what many would regard as the principal purpose of insurance.

After getting a feel for the way the EyeMed, retail optometry world operates, it seems like it is most cost effective to simply abstain from purchasing a vision plan all together, or at least to get one with some very modest “Out-of-network” benefits. But with the cheap price of glasses available online, abstaining from a vision plan probably makes the most sense. These issues with EyeMed vision are compounded by the fact that it is a plan into which a subscriber must pay. In essence, the subscriber is merely paying for the right to buy severely over-priced optical goods. Below, I have pasted my “In-Network” “benefits” for reference. The final remaining interesting feature about how EyeMed operates is how it represents its coverage via its definition of a “Co-Pay”. In the Luxottica – EyeMed world, the “Co-Pay” is the amount paid by EyeMed while “% of charge” is the amount paid my the subscriber. You might note that this is the exact opposite of what “Co-Pay” is in the medical insurance world. If this is at all intentional, it is a conspiracy to sucker HR providers and employees into pursuing the apparently attractive benefits of the EyeMed vision plan.”

Source: Luxottica-Eyemed (scam?) | Student Doctor Network

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends – Round Glasses

Source: Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends – Fashionisers

While most of us tend to see the trends as a basic guide  there are some amoung us that are brave and daring with their sense of style. The designers of our time constantly show us what is on the far, far side of fashion.

The strongest trend by far are the  round glasses , updated or vintage inspired…but here’s more:

Trend : Fun & Out There

Designers like Moschino and Nicholas K give us funky out-of-this world looks that are colorful and at times very funny! Prada shows  great wooden frames taking the current trend of using wood as a medium to yet another extreme.

Trend: Aviator’s

Yes this does continue with updated looks and style lines or with the classic look…sunglasses are either tinted or mirrored. This sporty yet polished look has now become a timeless and classic style that when seen through the special touch of each design house.



Trend: Cat Eye

Here is another classic that is fast becoming an essential must have! Though these seem geared toward the fashionista with a bit of style and punch, cateyes frames are a great addition to anyone with a looks of curves. The lines offer a nice contrast to the rounding effect and can give great balance to your look. This look is quite sexy whether you pick the more retro version with large designed motifs, the delicate chic-modern rimless tinted styles. or the more softer cateyes that enhance and invite!


Trend: Half-Rim Frames

What makes these very cool ( because these are just a type of frame that is always available) is the NEW trend that has updated this look…the rimless portion of the frame is usually at the bottom or as in the browline styles we see the rim going straight across and the rest of the lenses are rimless. Here the rim is curved cheekily down the side of the lenses and teasing to go around but doesn’t. I think these create a very seductive look and give the eye a very lovely type of enhancement. YAY let’s have some fun with our glasses people! Other designers are a bit more modernist looking (Miu Miu) here they leave the top portion of the frames as rimless and put the rim around the bottom of the lenses.

Trend: Round Glasses

Retro round glasses ala John Lennon or even the huge ones as we have seen with Twiggy in the 60’s continue to push forward…here is another trend that has seemed have caught on quite strongly and is fast becoming yet another staple.

Versace, Gucci, Pucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten and so many more show round glasses as the staple detail of their collection. So get your round glasses one!

These round sunglasses are the “summer’s must have” according to Style.com


Trend: Square , Flat Top or Geometric Frames

Well here we go…these are the quintessential retro frames, these scream out the 70’s. I don’t really feel that square glasses have really had their fair share of the stage so it’s time now wouldn’t you say. From Miu Miu and Prada  to Georgio some designers do show a version of any of these there. They are fun and inspire such a sense of style and je ne sais quoi that they are a positive addition to your wardrobe. By next year I think this trend will catch on in a stronger way.

Geometric shapes prescription sunglasses
Sunglasses with geometric shape frames – Eyewearinsight.com





21 Celebrities Prove Glasses Make Women Look Super Hot

Is it not great when you can look amazing however you present yourself. I’ve always said that true beauty (of course we have to have the eyes to see it) is consistent and doesn’t really need the adornment of this that and the other!

These 21 women listed here are the embodiment of beauty and further prove that women are alluring and beautiful when wearing prescription eyeglasses.

This has always been the case, I believe, even though there seems to be this calling out of women who wear eyeglasses. They are always given an allure and sexuality entirely because they wear eyeglasses.

Enjoy this great presentation with a slide that you can swing back and forth and see which is the best look for Anne Hathaway, Rashida Jones or Karlie Kloss to name a few..

This is good fun!


21 Celebrities Who Prove Glasses Make Women Look Super Hot.

How to Pick Your Glasses, when you are over hmmmm a bit older?

When a lady wears her glasses and changes them to suit her flair, her mood of the moment. She is in control. Glasses can very easily and quickly show a style that is undeniable.

We suggest having several pair of glasses in different styles to show off exactly who you are.

Annett Benning looks beautiful and sophisticated when wearing rimless eyeglasses (try a golden rimless glasses for an updated yet classy look) These rimless glasses are excellent for daily wear when you don’t what “the glasses” to show up before you do, the same goes for thin framed glasses.

After wearing a black pair of eyeglasses that define Ms Benning’s face one sees a younger trendier woman. And this is by far the benefit of the thick black glasses, almost as useful as the little black dress it looks good on pretty much everybody.

The first things to consider when picking your glasses are:


More soon….

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