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Browline Retro Eyeglasses

Browline retro eyeglasses are the classic frames from the 50’s and 60’s made famous by the likes of Malcolm X and James Dean to name a few; both of which were men that pushed the boundaries of their time and left behind a lasting impression.

While some refer to them as horn-rimmed retro frames…the modern name is more browline eye frames; still, there is the name created by the legendary RayBan… “Clubmaster” which is now a registered trademark of the giant eyewear monopoly Luxottica that bought RayBan in the 80’s.
These distinctive frames consist of a broad, sometimes shaped upper frame: made of plastic and some metal then down to a thin metal beneath the lenses. They can be referred to as half frames, half-rims or full rims depending on the width of the thin metal on the bottom.
The black with the silver/ gold is one of my favourite standards.


Malcolm-x” by Marion S. Trikosko – U.S. News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection, Library of Congress, Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsc-01274.
This image is available from the United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ppmsc.01274.

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Celebrites and the general population  a like wear these half rim frames as sunglasses as well as regular prescription glasses Image result for celebs wearing clubmaster styles


The Hottest Glasses! Cat Eyeglasses?

What Are The Trends For Glasses This Summer ?
Let’s weigh in with what the stars have been wearing around town!

The hottest trends in eyewear — whether you’re looking for daily glasses or prescription summer shades.

Bold & Bright

~ Bright colors in classic or retro styles like cat eyeglasses or over sized glam glasses or the old wayfarer is the way to go. Seen on the streets was Gwen Stefani looking “HOT” in bright blue plastic round glasses and Miranada Kerr with bright yellow glasses

Bright yellow prescription eyeglasses

Tortoise, Retro & Curves
~ Black metal aviator sunglasses for men with a graduated purple lens tint.

~Inspired by the retro styles sported by Matt Damon and Jude Law in the “The Talented Mr Ripley” are the round sunglasses or wayfarer sunglasses shapes, as well as the tortoise wayfarer glasses

Tortoise wayfarer glasses

~With their square black frames and textured arm detail, these classic type frames offer a totally different choice to anything else available on the market

square black frames prescription eyeglasses


Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends – Round Glasses

Source: Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends – Fashionisers

While most of us tend to see the trends as a basic guide  there are some amoung us that are brave and daring with their sense of style. The designers of our time constantly show us what is on the far, far side of fashion.

The strongest trend by far are the  round glasses , updated or vintage inspired…but here’s more:

Trend : Fun & Out There

Designers like Moschino and Nicholas K give us funky out-of-this world looks that are colorful and at times very funny! Prada shows  great wooden frames taking the current trend of using wood as a medium to yet another extreme.

Trend: Aviator’s

Yes this does continue with updated looks and style lines or with the classic look…sunglasses are either tinted or mirrored. This sporty yet polished look has now become a timeless and classic style that when seen through the special touch of each design house.



Trend: Cat Eye

Here is another classic that is fast becoming an essential must have! Though these seem geared toward the fashionista with a bit of style and punch, cateyes frames are a great addition to anyone with a looks of curves. The lines offer a nice contrast to the rounding effect and can give great balance to your look. This look is quite sexy whether you pick the more retro version with large designed motifs, the delicate chic-modern rimless tinted styles. or the more softer cateyes that enhance and invite!


Trend: Half-Rim Frames

What makes these very cool ( because these are just a type of frame that is always available) is the NEW trend that has updated this look…the rimless portion of the frame is usually at the bottom or as in the browline styles we see the rim going straight across and the rest of the lenses are rimless. Here the rim is curved cheekily down the side of the lenses and teasing to go around but doesn’t. I think these create a very seductive look and give the eye a very lovely type of enhancement. YAY let’s have some fun with our glasses people! Other designers are a bit more modernist looking (Miu Miu) here they leave the top portion of the frames as rimless and put the rim around the bottom of the lenses.

Trend: Round Glasses

Retro round glasses ala John Lennon or even the huge ones as we have seen with Twiggy in the 60’s continue to push forward…here is another trend that has seemed have caught on quite strongly and is fast becoming yet another staple.

Versace, Gucci, Pucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten and so many more show round glasses as the staple detail of their collection. So get your round glasses one!

These round sunglasses are the “summer’s must have” according to Style.com


Trend: Square , Flat Top or Geometric Frames

Well here we go…these are the quintessential retro frames, these scream out the 70’s. I don’t really feel that square glasses have really had their fair share of the stage so it’s time now wouldn’t you say. From Miu Miu and Prada  to Georgio some designers do show a version of any of these there. They are fun and inspire such a sense of style and je ne sais quoi that they are a positive addition to your wardrobe. By next year I think this trend will catch on in a stronger way.

Geometric shapes prescription sunglasses
Sunglasses with geometric shape frames – Eyewearinsight.com





Spring 2014 Eyeglasses Trends – Best Picks Around “Town”

Gucci's Sunglasses 2014

Spring 2014 Eyeglasses Trends

As Spring is upon us we have a few picks from around town to give you a good idea of what is in store for Spring 2014 Eyeglasses Trends, this will help us all know what the directions will be in the coming summer months in accessories fashion.

More big glasses: relevant is cat-eyeglasses, big sunglasses and anything funky and in your face.

Have a look see what you think for the Spring 2014 Eyeglasses Trends…this from Harper’s Bazzar .Cool tinted lenses in aviator frames inspired by retro designs and animal printed funk essential frames are some of the styles you will see.

From Burberry’s we see a completely different look…more sixties type smaller more oval shape in white no less. But still reminiscing about the fashions of old, with just the slightest of that Burberry twist.

On Forbes there is a nice collection of trends one of which from Prada has now been coined as the mathematical-look; which is basically a uni-brow look, but a bit cooler than just a straight line.  Then there is the “aquatic look”, which is softer and a shade or shades of blue giving it a nautical feel. The “garden look” has a printed frame in colors pink, white and some orange..colors more like flowers.

Cavalli on the other hand shows updated versions of cat-eye sunglasses that are very cool.

Though looking around on the streets we see more of the same from celebs and fashionistas retro looks seem to still be on the plate.  Plenty of looks from the 60’s and 70’s…retro wayfarer shapes, aviator shapes as well as the big, big eyeglasses…and big sunglasses as in the days of Jackie O.

And for the latest is Fashion week in Copenhagen looking at the Street Styles

there are the round glasses, the aviator and the wayfarers…they all reign strong on the styling streets of this very design oriented European city.

One of the strongest trends and most fun are colored tints on the eyeglasses that just give a very sleek look.

Cutler and Gross Round unglasses $575.00
Cutler and Gross Sunglasses $575.00




How to Pick Your Glasses, when you are over hmmmm a bit older?

When a lady wears her glasses and changes them to suit her flair, her mood of the moment. She is in control. Glasses can very easily and quickly show a style that is undeniable.

We suggest having several pair of glasses in different styles to show off exactly who you are.

Annett Benning looks beautiful and sophisticated when wearing rimless eyeglasses (try a golden rimless glasses for an updated yet classy look) These rimless glasses are excellent for daily wear when you don’t what “the glasses” to show up before you do, the same goes for thin framed glasses.

After wearing a black pair of eyeglasses that define Ms Benning’s face one sees a younger trendier woman. And this is by far the benefit of the thick black glasses, almost as useful as the little black dress it looks good on pretty much everybody.

The first things to consider when picking your glasses are:


More soon….

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