Spring 2015 Eyeglasses Trend Report

Well it’s that time of the year again, are you ready for the beauty, joy and happiness that 2015 is going to bring you?

Well you had better be, as it’s here in four days and we want to be sure you are on the mark with the coming trends for women. The trendy glasses that we have seen in the past have basically been retro and this coming year is not much different.

If the 70’s are new to you great enjoy the exploration of the yester years. For those of us that have been there I hope that

was one of the fun years for you so you can renew your hipness! The ’70’s continue to drive the looks for the coming year with just the slightest updates to the looks to match our current modern tastes.

The round glasses continue their mark as do the large sunglasses, mostly in geometric shapes (Square being the leading shape, but add aviator shapes too); then come the soft cat eye shapes (from the 60’s) rather than the sharp shapes we have been seeing.that give just the slightest tilt and contrast to your feature. The makeup gets softer too and a bit dreamier or saucy depending on which way you choose to go. Try some fun looks for a little spice in your everyday make-up routine

We see on the runways for Spring 2015 glasses with soft coloring, as well as animal prints with a lighter back ground color then what we would see in the fall. Tortoise coloring is great with the lighter shades.

Soft neutrals like the beige (eggshells), browns basically earth tones… and of course lets not for get the hottest colors for the coming year are shades of green (Aquamarine to olives) to shades of blue (Pantone says more blue others say more green) Bright prints ala Pucci keeping things hot, big prints colorful brushstrokes, abstracts, large flowers..all in the spirit of fun, openness and a carefree lifestyle. Anything romantic goes as with the makeup…laces, crochet all very bohemian in simple shapes that are nicely tailored. Understated elegance…hippie-chic….”ethnic” fashions are all in the realm of the 70’s retro look. Just let loose..baby!

Add to this some trendy glasses,  which are a great way to add focus to your look and enhance your eyes by picking eyeglasses shapes that are flattering to you face shape and compliment your look by balancing your features.

Eyeglasses are now the “new nighttime accessory” according to style.com; so update you evening looks with crisp fashion glasses in all the right shapes and colors (and of course they don’t have to be prescription eyeglasses they can be clear).

So enjoy and have fun.

Oh and Happy New Year!

Spring 2015 Trend Report – Gallery – Style.com.


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