5 Steps to Cleaning Your Glasses (Lenses)

You should clean your glasses often as often as possible.

Neglecting your glasses can compromise your sight by creating a film on your lenses and making it harder to see clearly – and scratches and debris could give you headaches and make your eyes tired. But keep in mind there is no evidence to show that it will change the function of your eyes. That is your eyes will not get “worse”.

Also, keep in mind that dirty glasses can also be a major turn off to other people looking at you and interacting with you in any way. Especially, if you are close to someones face they will be able to see all the dirt on your glasses – keep that in mind!

5 Steps to Cleaning Your Glasses (Lenses)

1. Before you begin wash your hands! There is nothing more annoying than trying to wash lenses while you have some oily substance on your fingers. It’s really hard to get the oily film off the lenses so get it off your hands first.

2. Run warm water and NOT hot water on your lenses to loosen debris and dust from the lenses and the various crevices. Hot water can damage any of the coatings you have on your lenses

3. Put a little drop of soap (oil-free dishwashing liquid is perfect) on the lenses and gently lather and rub the lenses for a few seconds. Clean temples – the area that goes behind your ears and around the seams where the lenses fit into the frame –under running water. Especially around the nose pads – as this is where the oil (and dirt) from your skin tends to collect.

4. Rinse the soapy glasses with warm water – rinse well so that the lenses do appear filmy from the soap residue.

5. Dry the lenses gently with a clean, and soft 100% cotton cloth (works best for drying). Use a fabric that is light and thin – this will be less abrasive. Avoid the use of materials that can scratch the lenses in any way. This is true even if you have anti-scratch coating – which will offer the lenses extra protection but they will still scratch.

At times during the day, you feel the need to clean your lenses – try to use a very soft material that will not leave debris/fibers on the lenses. Microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for this as they are able to trap debris and not smear them onto the lenses. But you will need to keep them clean.

In conclusion

Washing often and proper storage of your glasses when not in use will help keep your glasses clean as well as safe.

· It’s also best not to use chemicals such as ammonia-based products like Windex as these can do harm to the various coatings you have on your lenses.

· Keeping your glasses in a protective case while you are not using them is the best way to safeguard them against scratches and general dirt.

· Never place the lens directly on a surface when not in use.

· Water is really your glasses best friend

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