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6 Zenish Principles of Buying Glasses Online?

Does it stress you out trying to buy glasses online? It’s hard to know where to start.

When trying to decide what type of glasses to wear the first place to start is with your tried and true!

What is the shape, and the size (measured in millimeters)? What is your favorite color? At these prices, I’m always ready for a couple of fun colors and one serious ‘silver/black frame!

But do your favorite glasses translate into a great pair of frames? These will be on your face, remember that – and close to your skin. So take into consideration the tone of your skin and what would best emphasize or complement your tone. Colors like black (of course), red, soft pink, dark purple, and teal look great on people across the board – in fact, red is one of the most popular colors for eyeglasses frames.

Different color and shaped glasses will also fulfill your many different moods every day and hopefully add a little fun to your attire.

So take time, relax and pick up some nice frames in great colors for you!

Prescription Sunglasses, Better Yet Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important part of our eye health.

polarized glasses for women

Wearing polarized sunglasses in the summer seems to be a no-brainer for most, but in the winter our eyes tend to be neglected. I notice when I play tennis people squinting in the sun as they can’t see clearly, or out in the sun and snow, squinting to see clearly. It’s never really only a question about clearer vision…though that is important..but also the protection our eyes need from the sun.

Aviator Sunglasses
Aviator Prescription Sunglasses

As the atmosphere gets gradually stripped off the uv rays are more and more damaging to our eyes and skin. In the winter when driving, in the outdoors and/ or in the snow, wearing prescription sunglasses will protect the eyes from the many glares and reflection. We all seem to think that the summer is the worst time for the eyes, but in reality, there is much more reflection from a surface covered with snow than that of grass. 95% to 6%.

These UV rays can damage our eyes just as they would our skin.

Tired and Strained Eyes
Tired and Strained Eyes

It is important to realize that not just dark sunglasses will do the job, normal tinted sunglass lenses do not protect from the glare, they reduce the brightness but cannot selectively eliminate the reflection from the light. They must be polarized sunglasses.

Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks the intense reflected light, reducing glare.


With polarized sunglasses when driving the reflection of light on the other cars and objects around us are eliminated, thus reducing if not stopping the need to squint. This will also keep the skin from wrinkling from the constant squinting around the eyes and forehead… as well as from straining and fatiguing the eyes.

Reflection and Glare From the Snow
Reflection and Glare From the Snow

All who enjoy the outdoors should protect their eyes from the glare, and reflection as well as the UV rays, by wearing polarized!

We will find that we will enjoy clearer vision and will have eyes that are less tired and much healthier.


You can further improve the advantage by getting bifocal sunglasses or progressive sunglasses which will make it easier for you to see your phone or any reading at a much closer range.

Progressive Polarized Sunglasses
Progressive Polarized Sunglasses


At Eyewear Insight we offer free UV coating, anti-reflective coating and anti-scratch coating on all our glasses, so if you decided you will go with the cheaper tint option you still have your eyes somewhat protected – we’ve got your back on that one.

We also offer very affordable prescription eyeglasses that are available in bifocals, progressives, computer glasses and readers. All of which can be customized by adding polarization.

Our glasses start at $18.00 frames +$9.50 lenses +$5.95 shipping.

We guarantee our glasses and offer the best customer’s service around. We wish to make you a satisfied customer!







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